Why my FMWhatsApp is not Working?

When your FMWhatsApp is not working, you may be experiencing several problems. You need to double check your phone settings and your FMWhatsApp.

  • Phone storage space is no longer enough
  • FMWhatsApp is not updated
  • The mobile device is disconnected from the network
  • FMWhatsApp has not been given access to the phone’s settings

Why my FouadWhatsApp is not Working?

If you have any of these problems, they are fairly easy to solve. Here are a few of the solutions listed. You can try to fix the problem of FMWhatsApp not working.

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1.Clear Storage

Running out of memory will cause FMWhatsApp speed. This will not only affect FMWhatsApp but also other software. Hence making make sure you clear the junk or uninstall unwanted apps when you’re running out of storage.

2.Allow FMWhatsAppt to access the storage

When it is not possible to send photos or upload avatars from the gallery and other such actions, maybe your FMWhatsApp does not have access to some of your phone’s devices. FMWhatsApp needs to be allowed to have access to your photo albums, recordings, contacts, etc.

3.Connecting to the Internet

Everything in WhatsApp needs to work on the Internet. If your phone does not connect to WiFi or your traffic data is not turned on, then your FMWhatsApp must not work.

4. Download the Latest Version of FMWhatsAppt.

The new version will fix some of the bugs of the old version and more importantly will add surprising features.If you are having problems with your FMWhatsApp, then you should update to the latest version.